Moonshot Games · Irvine, California
Department Moonshot Games
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Hi there! Our team over at Moonshot is looking for a talented producer to help guide the development process for our first game. In this role you’ll bounce around between long term planning, supporting our outsourcing efforts, day to day troubleshooting, and helping curate traditions that enable those around your and builds towards a joyous and sustainable culture.
While you don’t need to be an expert in any particular development discipline, your natural curiosity and drive to understand how things work will build bridges with content folks and engineers. You have a knack for smelling smoke before there’s fire, and that, coupled with your thoughtful and disciplined process, will help the team dodge unforeseen landmines. Most importantly, you are an agent for good. Just like Ellen Ripley donning a power loader and heading into the airlock, you may not always know exactly how to stop the bad guys and save the day, but your conviction and ingenuity keeps everyone moving and taking another step forward towards building something awesome and beautiful!

What your day to day will look like…
· Partner with the team to build credible roadmaps, deconstruct and organize the work, and then keep it flowing smoothly
· Develop your own holistic perspective on our game and studio, and share your thoughts on what’s working and how it might be better
· Be a force for good in curating the way we work and encourage discussion across the team
· Help the team find the right balance between getting stuff done and time away from the keyboard to free our brains
· Share your thoughts on how things are going and where we can do better

Some of the things you bring to the table…
· Comfortable diving into areas of development you have never had to worry about before, building understanding on how they work, and ultimately asking the right questions to see how they can be better
· Resiliency and a calming presence
· A background in managing game development in Jira/Project/Confluence/Excel/etc, and finding creative ways to present the data
· Pride and passion for building options and scenarios that plot out approaches we could take for development, and then even more importantly, providing your recommendation for which one is our best bet and why
· A willing heart, as we’re still a startup, and that means some uncertainty lies ahead

Thank You

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    Irvine, California
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    Moonshot Games
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